Welcome to Madhav Prakash Cashews. Best known as the MPC brand of cashews. We are providing the best cashews since 1999.

We are using the latest machinery and the most hygenic technology to produce a premium product. We are producers with a social

consciousness and are currently providing livelihood to over 200 workers in an area which lacks industrialization.

Our cashew products are very well suited for use as high quality snack-nuts and food-ingredients.

We have introduced pre-pack sorting lines, color-sorters, size-sorters in provide best quality cashews in packs. We offer fresh cashews,

chosen by specialist eyes, roasted to perfection and inert-packed for better shelf life.

We aim to be the preferred supplier of cashews to entire India.


Cashew fruit

Natural and fresh cashew fruits grown in the farms of Karkala with utmost care.
cashew nuts

Cashew nuts

Tasty cashew nuts, extracted from the cashew shells.
CashewNut Packs

Packed cashew nuts:

Tasty cashews processed and packed into air-tight packets. Available for purchase.

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